A Not-So-Nice Tribute to NHL Comish Gary Bettman


contribution by:  P. Giannosa

It is no secret that many hockey fans and NHL players don’t  have much love for the short, creepy, wanna-be sports dictator Jabroni (or is it Dick-Taker) Gary Bettman.  This weasel has been basically responsible for three NHL lockouts which in result have negatively affected the sport of Hockey’s popularity with fans and as well with it’s finances.   Here is a Tribute to possibly the worst comissioner in all of sports which  includes some random funny photos and video clips.  Let the Hate Chants Begin!!!


Lost Milllllionns of the NHL’s revenue through two shortened and one totally missed season .

Los Angeles Kings vs Anaheim Ducks, 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series

Shit even KISS (once thought as a demonic rock group) wants to rid the earth of this Jabroni’s evil scum.

NHL All-Star Game X Bettman

I mean really, Who the Hell would Swipe their own self?? A Jabroni would.


Ah One, Ah Two, Ah Threee AH AH AH…locked out seasons=the most lost games by any professional sports comissioner ever.

Gary bearer

Hopefully the Gary Bearer doesn’t the carry the NHL to the grave by making the league suffer another lockout in the near future.

Chris Chelios is not only known for his Chili but for also being a Bad Ass Mother F***er!


A bunch of Corrupt Jabronis if you ask me.


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