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Detroit Tigers Update/Spring Training

Contribution by: A. Fletcher

New Tigers for 2014:

Ian Kinsler


Joe Nathan

Joe Nathan

Nick Castellanos


Rajai Davis


Brad Ausmus – Manager


Important Spring Training Dates:

Pitchers and catchers first workout – February 14

First full squad workout – February 18

First spring training game – February 25 vs. Florida Southern Mocs

First spring training game against MLB team – February 27 vs. Atlanta Braves

Now with only three weeks left before the first workout of the year for the Tigers, we can officially get hype for baseball. Welcome back… After an upsetting end to last year’s playoffs, as Tiger’s fans, we have a reason to look forward to  next season. Looking  at some of the moves that the organization made, it’s interesting to say the least. Will they work out? Who knows.

Some notable roster additions are that of Joe Nathan and Ian Kinsler. Some people may disagree with me, but I think Ian Kinsler is the most exciting out of these two. I know the closer role has been a circus for the Tigers for the past couple of years, but the lead off position has been a big ? since before  Curtis Granderson was filling that spot. Detroit has not had a lead off hitter, in the true sense, for a long time. Is Kinsler a “true lead off hitter”? Not really, but he is a much better option than Austin Jackson, who looks to be very comfortable in the bottom of the lineup.  Kinsler’s OBP numbers are consistently good which is what Detroit has lacked. On the other side, this guy can do serious damage in the middle of the lineup with multiple 30+ home run seasons. I personally, cannot wait to see what this guy can do. At $67 million for five years, with a $5 million buyout in the last year, we will see if it’s worth all of that…

Having a true blue closer will be very refreshing as well. Coming off of a 1.39 ERA, 43 Save, and 10-runs allowed season. To compare, Mariano Rivera had a 2.11 ERA, 44 Saves, and allowed 16 runs, Nathan will most certainly be a breath of fresh air. Nathan will most likely be a part of the plug for our sinking ship of a bull pen. With Drew Smyly probably starting this season, the pen will need all of the help they can get. I can handle $29 million over 3 years, if he can remain an elite closer.

Nick Catellanos, will probably not work out. I have this feeling that we will be looking for a new third baseman come the end of the first quarter of the season. If he was half as good as the hype that he had years ago, we would have seen more of him during the Tigers multiple mid-season whoas. He will have a minor league contract that is bought out, so in my mind it’s just a cheap experiment.

The interesting addition of Rajai Davis adds some depth to our outfield. I think this puts a bit of pressure on Andy Dirks as well. I think Rajai could take that left field job quickly if Dirks doesn’t come out swinging. I am of the small group of people that think Rajai Davis is hands down better than Dirks. He is a proven major leaguer who is an asset more so on the base paths than in the field. He is fast, aggressive, and CAN STEAL a god damn base when he pleases.  He had 46 steals last year, and 45 in 2012. That is an element that we just have not had on this team. The 2 year, 10 million dollar contract may be just about right if he ends up starting a lot of games.

In lieu of Jim Leyland “retiring”, the organization hired former Special Assistant to Baseball Operations for the Padres, Brad Ausmus as head coach.?.?.? Very weird hire if you ask me. I don’t have any comparable’s or any outlook on this guy because he has ZERO dugout management experience. It is downright scary to think the Tigers wanted him to manage a team with World Series possibilities. I am guessing by the end of spring training, V-Mart and Miggy will be running this team. Dude could be a bust, or could be gold. Another wait and see…

Before Season Prediction:

Detroit is looking for a new manager for 2015 season after this year.

Spring Training Expectations:

Alex Avila has a monster Spring Training = another dud season.

Someone will emerge from the farm and earn a spot on the bench, hopefully Don Kelly’s spot.

I imagine that we will see Miggy dominate, yet again.


Until next time.


The History of the Old English “D”

Contribution by: M. Pawlak


Detroit Tigers (1901 - 1902)

Your very first Detroit Tiger’s logo. Before the Old English “D”, we have this interesting object. Psychedelics weren’t on the map yet. This leads me to assume that this was the winning submission in an elementary school art contest. Garfield?


Detroit Tigers (1903 - 1903)

After a short two-year stint with whatever that four legged being was, the organization decides to move in another direction. The transition from a cartoon cat to a plain text “D” is a step in the right direction.


Detroit Tigers (1904 - 1907)

After a short, 12-month experiment with a plain text “D”, the Old English font was introduced. Now that looks a little more familiar.


Detroit Tigers (1908 - 1915)

The Old English “D” get’s it’s first face lift. This style logo was going to live on for many years of greatness, right?


Detroit Tigers (1916 - 1916)

After 11 years of Old English, the Tigers abandon this idea for this “futuristic” block “D”.  This digital font suggests that they were influenced by, you guessed it…aliens.


Detroit Tigers (1917 - 1917)

After a short, 1-year break-up the Tigers decide to call it back on with the Old English format.


Detroit Tigers (1918 - 1920)

The Tigers show off their feminine side. I can’t say I understand what they were thinking during this three year identity crisis.


Detroit Tigers (1921 - 1926)

For the first time the Old English “D” appears nearly identical as it is today. They should have stayed this way, but they had way more experimenting to do.


Detroit Tigers (1927 - 1928)

The Tiger’s were influenced by an artist (carney) from the local Shrine Circus. This face painting-extraordinaire forever left his mark on the organization with this brilliant sloth-like mammal.  This one is really out in left field and has me wondering: what the hell  were they thinking?


Detroit Tigers (1929 - 1929)

The Old English “D” reappears. Black replaces Navy Blue and it’s just not a good look.


Detroit Tigers (1930 - 1930)

The first time the logo appears exactly as we know it today. This was supposed to remain their staple well into the future until…


Detroit Tigers (1931 - 1933)


Detroit Tigers (1934 - 1960)

In 1934 the Tigers resurface as ferocious as ever. Under this logo Detroit won it’s first of three World Series championships (1935).


Detroit Tigers (1961 - 1993)

This tamed depiction of the logo was not so tame on the diamond. This logo represents the most success the Tiger’s have achieved under any logo with World series victories in 1968 and 1984.


Detroit Tigers (1994 - 2005)

The “dark day’s” of the organization.  Under this logo, painful baseball  took place with a  dismal .446 win %. Jim Leyland soon came to the rescue, and wasn’t having that shit!


Detroit Tigers (2006 - Pres)

After two prior flirtations with this standard Old English “D” , the Tiger’s go back to what they know. I wouldn’t mind if they keep it this way forever. Not only is this a logo of the Tiger’s organization, it is a  symbol of what this town is all about. Keeping it simple, and recognizing our root’s is what makes Detroit, Detroit.