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Watch the presser from the winningest, percentage wise, Piston Coach of all-time. John Loyer, how does it feel to be without a loss as a head coach but still struggling for 8th place?

I know it’s early, but you should really get your hopes up. All these people do is win:

1972 Don Shula
Lifetime Rocky Marciano
2012 Yann Danis
1956 Phil Woolpert
1997 Pat Summitt
Lifetime Charlie Sheen


Mo Cheeks Fired as Pistons Coach

Mo Cheeks Fired as Pistons Coach

Contribution by M. Jones

The Motown community was awakened by a siren out of Auburn Hills this morning. I think this lady captures the general reaction nicely.

After an underwhelming start to the 2013 season with a record of 21-29, the Pistons fired head coach Mo Cheeks. With it being only 50 games into the 2014 season, the firing will go down as one of the fastest ever. Only 4 coaches in NBA history have been fired more quickly than Cheeks within their first full season as head coach.

In the past 10 years, this organization has parted ways with 7 coaches. That doesn’t happen in pro sports, at least if your franchise isn’t run by complete morons (see the Oakland Raiders).

For a quick rundown, the Pistons have run through:

Rick Carlisle [That trophy was with Dallas after we fired him]


Larry Brown [The good old days – Carlos Arroyo and McDyess in the building]


Flip Saunders [My thoughts exactly]


Michael Curry


John Kuester


Lawrence Frank


Mo Cheeks [Fist pumping for that severance package]


This move clearly marks the moment that Owner, Tom Gores, had seen enough and realized his demand of making the playoffs this season was in serious jeopardy. Is it time for him to dump Joe D as well? Mo Cheeks was Joe D’s guy. So were most of the guys mentioned above. At what point does he have to take ultimate responsibility for this clusterfuck of a team that can’t go .500 in a historically bad conference or draw more than 15,000 fans a game (per Their attendance is currently 4th worst in the league. For the record the 14.6k fans that they claim they are averaging is laughable. I watch Pistons games, and there is no way they have actually averaged that many people in the Palace seats. It feels more like 5,000 people a night.

For my money, I was never impressed with Mo Cheeks. The roster has talent but it clearly isn’t being used right. What is the game plan from here? Who even wants this job right now that will offer zero job security, with clear turmoil between management and ownership? The early rumor is Lionel Hollins, former head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies. I would be in favor of this. I watched that Memphis team closely the past few years and saw him turn a middle of the pack roster into a playoff threat. I think the whole NBA world is still a little confused by the Grizzlies decision not to renew his contract at the end of last year.

We will have to wait and see but here is to hoping Gores cuts tie with Dumars, signs Hollins as the coach, and finds a talented GM to come in and fix the problems. I’ll keep wishing.

Not A Smart Move By Marcus Smart

Contribution by S Millington

One of college basketball’s top players Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan, Jeff Orr, in Oklahoma State’s loss to Texas Tech in Lubbock on Saturday. Marcus Smart, earned a technical foul for his shove to Orr. Once the game was over Jay Bilas was expressing his feelings about the Marcus Smart shove on ESPN.

On Sunday, the Big 12 announced Smart will be suspended for three games for violating the sportsmanship and ethical conduct policy. Smart did apology for actions on Sunday by saying, “This is not how I conduct myself. This is not how the program is run. This is not how I was raised. I let my emotions get the best of me.  It’s something I’ll have to learn from, a lesson I’ll have to learn from. The consequences that are coming with it — I’m taking full responsibility. No finger pointing — this is all upon me.”

In a statement by Jeff Orr said “I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies to Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State, Tubby Smith and the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball program.  My actions last night were inappropriate and do not reflect myself or Texas Tech a university I love dearly. I regret calling Mr. Smart a ‘piece of crap’ but I want to make it known that I did not use a racial slur of any kind. Additionally, I would like to offer my apologies to Texas Tech fans that have been embarrassed by the attention this incident has created.” He voluntarily agreed to not attend any Texas Tech home or away games for the remainder of the season. Orr has had some other problems with former Big 12 players. One was John Lucas III, a former Oklahoma St player.

Regardless what Orr said, it was not worth it for Marcus Smart to shove Orr. This will have an impact on this season with him being suspended for three games, but also maybe with his NBA draft stock. Smart is labeled as a top NBA prospect in a deep draft. One NBA GM on Smart said the shove will not affect his draft stock.

Here is a funny tweet about Marcus Smart by Oakland Athletics Jeremy Barfield.

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Street Ball: All-Star Team Selection

Contribution By: M.Pawlak

NBA all-star action is right around the corner! You will see a lot of scoring, and very little defense (as usual). The dunk contest is sure to bore you to death with a bunch of guys you haven’t even heard of. **Edit** Paul George and John Wall announced today that they will participate this year. The actual game has simply lost it’s captivating thrill. The NBA needs to add some flair to all-star weekend, and I have the solution. A street ball game featuring your favorite backyard ballers. I bring  you the top candidates for the Street Ball All-Star Challenge:

Morman Missionaries: The audio here may be the best part. These dudes can get to the rim, and finish with authority. **This video will be worth 2 minutes of your time**. “These boys ain’t bullshitting, man”.

Ruben Feiffer and Sandy Lyle (RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a truly great talent). These dudes bring very little skill to the roster, but make up for it in tenacity. Think “raindrops”.

Rocky  (3 Ninjas): A 10 year old with mad ball skills and a free throw line dunk out? See for yourself. In the subbarbs, you never take the bicycle of someone’s girlfriend.

Sidney and Billy (White Men Can’t Jump): These dudes are legendary on the concrete. They will take your money, your wife’s money, and your grandma’s money. No, really.

Derek Vineyard (American History X): Vineyard isn’t in it for the money. Not when territory is up for grabs. He proves that white men CAN jump.

Teen Wolf: The game of basketball is not only enjoyed by humans. Werewolves ball hard.  Below is evidence on what happens when a hybrid gets a hold of a Spalding. This is getting a little weird.

Air Bud: If a Ware wolf can be admitted into this game, why shouldn’t a canine? Bud has a jumper that puts Larry Bird to shame.  He also possesses an appetite for sweet string music.

Honorable Mention:

Joe Cooper & Doug Remer- Baseketball

Jackie Moon- Semi-Pro

Will Smith- The intro to Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Cable Guy

Kevin Hart

The NBA takes on the WWE

Contribution by: Scott Millington

Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert tweeted WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin after meeting Stone Cold before a basketball game. Stone Cold would then challenge Hibbert to a battle royal with 4 of Stone Cold’s guys and 4 of Hibbert’s guys.

Well I’m sure this battle royal will not happen, but he is my 5 NBA players and 5 WWE wrestlers in that battle royal:


Roy Hibbert – Hibbert is a monster that is hard to take down and is not shy to mix it up with people.

Zach Randolph – Randolph is a big guy that is not afraid to knock someone out. Just ask his former Trail Blazers teammate Reuben Patterson and journeyman Lou Amundson.

J.R. Smith – Smith is a guy that likes to fight. His sister also likes to fight. She choked out a fan during a game when Smith was playing in China.

Metta World Peace – He is crazy and doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. Just look at him acting like a crazy fool during the Malice and the Palace.

Ben Wallace – The former Detroit Bad Boy is one guy you don’t to mess with. Just look at the Malice at the Palace.


Stone Cold Steve Austin – Stone Cold loves beer. What? I said beer. Stone Cold also loves to kick ass and that is the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.

Ric Flair – Ric Flair is a limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun. WOOOO!!

CM Punk – CM Punk is the self proclaimed Best wrestle in the world and he is not afraid to tell you that.

The Rock – The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!

Chris Jericho – The man of 1004 hold and was the first Undisputed Champion in WWE history.

..and your winner of the battle royal and new World Champ Ben Wallace.


Tribute to Walter Herrmann

Contribution by: A. Fletcher

Walter Herrmann, also known by his official NBA nickname, “Brady Bunch”, with a last known height and weight of 6’9” – 225 lbs., was a PF in the NBA for about 3 seconds. He was born in Santa Fe Argentina, but is of a proclaimed German lineage. Dude was an absolute all-star in Argentina, winning two dunk contests and bringing the Argentina national team to a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. He won a couple MVPs in Argentina, then moved to play for a club in Spain, and won another MVP there. From Spain Brady Bunch was brought to NBA by signing a one-year deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. He eventually lands himself in Auburn Hills on a 07 Detroit Pistons squad.

I feel obligated to reveal how much he made in the NBA:

2006 – 2007: $1,800,000

2007 – 2008: $1,944,000

2008 – 2009: $2,000,000

This is the same Pistons team that felt Arron Aflfalo’s  $1,015,440 salary was too expensive…

The point of this column is not really about Walter Herrmann’s history, where he’s been or where he is at now, how much money he made, or that he looked very similar to Fabio…lol.

Herrmann v. Fabio

But more to highlight and pay tribute to this mans uncanny ability to pop 3 pointers and get to the hoop with more style than most successful NBA players (obviously Brady Bunch wasn’t successful).

Even if you don’t know who Walter Herrmann is, a.k.a. Brady Bunch, or what I call him, Walter Blaze, just give these videos a look see, you will appreciate the boss moves this guy made on a regular basis from 06-07 on NBA players, and then “somehow” left the NBA and went back to Spain.

In another couple weeks or so, I will find another random player to pay tribute to. Check back in.