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Watch the presser from the winningest, percentage wise, Piston Coach of all-time. John Loyer, how does it feel to be without a loss as a head coach but still struggling for 8th place?

I know it’s early, but you should really get your hopes up. All these people do is win:

1972 Don Shula
Lifetime Rocky Marciano
2012 Yann Danis
1956 Phil Woolpert
1997 Pat Summitt
Lifetime Charlie Sheen


Street Ball: All-Star Team Selection

Contribution By: M.Pawlak

NBA all-star action is right around the corner! You will see a lot of scoring, and very little defense (as usual). The dunk contest is sure to bore you to death with a bunch of guys you haven’t even heard of. **Edit** Paul George and John Wall announced today that they will participate this year. The actual game has simply lost it’s captivating thrill. The NBA needs to add some flair to all-star weekend, and I have the solution. A street ball game featuring your favorite backyard ballers. I bring  you the top candidates for the Street Ball All-Star Challenge:

Morman Missionaries: The audio here may be the best part. These dudes can get to the rim, and finish with authority. **This video will be worth 2 minutes of your time**. “These boys ain’t bullshitting, man”.

Ruben Feiffer and Sandy Lyle (RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a truly great talent). These dudes bring very little skill to the roster, but make up for it in tenacity. Think “raindrops”.

Rocky  (3 Ninjas): A 10 year old with mad ball skills and a free throw line dunk out? See for yourself. In the subbarbs, you never take the bicycle of someone’s girlfriend.

Sidney and Billy (White Men Can’t Jump): These dudes are legendary on the concrete. They will take your money, your wife’s money, and your grandma’s money. No, really.

Derek Vineyard (American History X): Vineyard isn’t in it for the money. Not when territory is up for grabs. He proves that white men CAN jump.

Teen Wolf: The game of basketball is not only enjoyed by humans. Werewolves ball hard.  Below is evidence on what happens when a hybrid gets a hold of a Spalding. This is getting a little weird.

Air Bud: If a Ware wolf can be admitted into this game, why shouldn’t a canine? Bud has a jumper that puts Larry Bird to shame.  He also possesses an appetite for sweet string music.

Honorable Mention:

Joe Cooper & Doug Remer- Baseketball

Jackie Moon- Semi-Pro

Will Smith- The intro to Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Cable Guy

Kevin Hart

#21 Michigan vs. #10 Iowa Preview

Contributions: Z Ficht

This evening the Hawkeyes of Iowa invade Crisler Arena to take on our beloved Wolverines, with hopes of handing the Boys-in-Blue their first conference loss of the season.  Iowa is ranked in the top 10 for the first time since Jan 1, 2002 and are coming off a 21 point shellacking of Minnesota at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.  While Iowa is riding high, Michigan finds themselves trying to manage their way through a three game stretch in which all three opponents are top 10 teams.  The wolverines were able to overcome their first obstacle: Beating then #3 ranked Wisconsin Badgers, (in Madison mind you) 77-70 thanks in large part to Nik Stauskas and this absolute dagger to the cheese filled hearts of Badgers fans everywhere:

Oh my goodness! That was….


Are you sure you want some of this Iowa? I mean you’re top 10 ranking is adorable and certainly higher than where the Wolverines currently stand, but we both know this can’t last. You’re…Iowa.  Fran, Fran! Settle down, no Fran don’t do that!

Annnd Fran is gone. Fun fact about the McCafrey family, I recently found out that Fran’s brother  sells RV’s in the greater Des Moines area (widely disputed fact) and is known as the “Winnebago Man.” An example of his excellent work is featured below:

But getting back to the point: Iowa is next up in the gauntlet for Michigan.  Despite the fact that Iowa is best known for being the most irrelevant state in the country (just ahead of South Dakota), their basketball team is actually making some noise this season.  The Hawkeyes sit at 15-3 and 4-1 in conference; their only B1G blemish was from the same Badgers team that Michigan just roundhouse kicked into submission.

Actual clip from Michigan vs. Wisconsin

And that, along with their mind boggling 86.8 points a game (fifth best in the country) has Iowa in a great position to challenge down the stretch for a B1G title.  Iowa is undefeated on their home floor, but are an underwhelming 1-2 in true road games so far this season.

Iowa is led by Senior Roy Devyn Marble and Junior Aaron White, who are key cogs in the offensive resurgence that McCaffery is putting together.  This is a team who is shooting the lights out from everywhere on the floor, unlike last year’s bunch, who couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.  Michigan will have to try and find a way to slow down their offensive production as the Hawkeyes have been absolutely burning up the court so far this season.

Michigan will look to slow down Iowa’s offensive output with the help of their resident sharp shooter and all around offensive machine in Nik Stauskas. Stauskas has been improving his game throughout the season and has helped become the go to guy in Head Coach John Beilein’s offense.  Nik currently leads the B1G in scoring at 18 points per game and has been turning some heads with his play as of late, causing many to wonder if this will be Stauskas’s last year in Ann Arbor.


Do it Nik, it’s a full proof plan! 

However, it should be noted that Nik isn’t shouldering the weight of this Mitchless team by himself.  Big men Jordan Morgan and John Horford have proven to be invaluable down low for Beilein’s club, playing crucial minutes and especially in Horford’s case, showing off an improved ability to score the basketball.  The whole team looks to be improving: the bigs, Derrick Walton, Caris Levert, Nik but GR3 is over here like..


Okay, that’s not fair, Glenn is having a pretty good season so far. It is just that his numbers have yet to really jump out at you. Robinson is currently averaging 13.9 points coupled with 4 boards and 1 asst per contest.  With all the hype that critics and analysts alike love to shower Glenn with, I’ve yet to see it.  He relies too much on natural ability and while it does provide the crowd pleasing half court oop,  or 360 dunk, outside of those electrifying one or two plays a game, he gets lost. For Big Blue to hang down the stretch of this B1G title race they are going to need Glenn to start contributing more.  There will be games where Stauskas is cold, or gets locked down and they will need Glenn.  The talent is there and he’s got one heck of a coach in his ear, so I still have a lot of faith that Glenn will start dominating soon…hopefully tonight.



Iowa plays fast but that speed can be neutralized if Michigan protects the ball and doesn’t let Iowa get out in transition.  Both squads are shooting the rock with stunning efficiency. On the road I would hesitate to take our Boys-in-Blue, but in the friendly confines of Crisler Arena where losses are rarer than Matthew Stafford fourth quarter touchdown passes I’m taking Michigan.

Uncalled for…This Post Isn’t Even About Football!

Stauskas bangs home 22 pts with a near double double from either Horford or Morgan (take your pick) and Michigan squeaks by with a 79-75 win setting up a HUGE showdown against Michigan State Saturday. Let’s Go Blue!