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Watch the presser from the winningest, percentage wise, Piston Coach of all-time. John Loyer, how does it feel to be without a loss as a head coach but still struggling for 8th place?

I know it’s early, but you should really get your hopes up. All these people do is win:

1972 Don Shula
Lifetime Rocky Marciano
2012 Yann Danis
1956 Phil Woolpert
1997 Pat Summitt
Lifetime Charlie Sheen


Tribute to Walter Herrmann

Contribution by: A. Fletcher

Walter Herrmann, also known by his official NBA nickname, “Brady Bunch”, with a last known height and weight of 6’9” – 225 lbs., was a PF in the NBA for about 3 seconds. He was born in Santa Fe Argentina, but is of a proclaimed German lineage. Dude was an absolute all-star in Argentina, winning two dunk contests and bringing the Argentina national team to a gold medal in the 2004 Olympics. He won a couple MVPs in Argentina, then moved to play for a club in Spain, and won another MVP there. From Spain Brady Bunch was brought to NBA by signing a one-year deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. He eventually lands himself in Auburn Hills on a 07 Detroit Pistons squad.

I feel obligated to reveal how much he made in the NBA:

2006 – 2007: $1,800,000

2007 – 2008: $1,944,000

2008 – 2009: $2,000,000

This is the same Pistons team that felt Arron Aflfalo’s  $1,015,440 salary was too expensive…

The point of this column is not really about Walter Herrmann’s history, where he’s been or where he is at now, how much money he made, or that he looked very similar to Fabio…lol.

Herrmann v. Fabio

But more to highlight and pay tribute to this mans uncanny ability to pop 3 pointers and get to the hoop with more style than most successful NBA players (obviously Brady Bunch wasn’t successful).

Even if you don’t know who Walter Herrmann is, a.k.a. Brady Bunch, or what I call him, Walter Blaze, just give these videos a look see, you will appreciate the boss moves this guy made on a regular basis from 06-07 on NBA players, and then “somehow” left the NBA and went back to Spain.

In another couple weeks or so, I will find another random player to pay tribute to. Check back in.