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Throwback Thursday: Miracle

Throwback Thursday is a segment in which we will highlight a throwback video relating to Michigan sports. For the first edition the timing is appropriate to flash back to the Olympics of 1980.

The final 2 minutes of the game referred to as “Miracle on Ice”.

The USA team was a major underdog facing the Soviet power house. To put a recent comparison to how much of an upset this was, think about Appalachian¬†State taking down Michigan, in the Big House. The Soviet’s had defeated the American’s 10-3 in an exhibition game prior to the 1980 Olympics. The game was more than just ¬†hockey at the time. The USA and Soviet Union were at the midst of the Cold War, and this game was the ultimate representation of national pride for both of the teams. Team USA went on to take gold in hockey that year.

Local Connection:

Forward Mark Wells is from St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Wells was drafted by the Montreal Canadians in the first round of the 1977 NHL entry draft. He retired before he played a single NHL game. In 2010 he auctioned off his gold medal for 310,000$ to pay for medical costs for a genetic disease.

Defenseman Ken Morrow is from Flint, Michigan. After achieving gold in the 1980 Olympics, Morrow won a Stanley Cup with the New York Islanders. He is the first rookie to ever win a Stanley Cup and gold medal in the same year. He won 3 more cups with the Islanders from 1981-1983. Morrow retired after a short, but successful NHL career in 1989 due to injuries.